Got to love Aspen!

Went water-skiing up at Reudi Reservoir this morning and pulled into a little cove that I have seen before but never stopped at because there are usually campers there. Wandered into the forest and felt like I was in Paradise with aspens, wild flowers, butterflies… when I turned around to see the lake behind me I was even more overwhelmed by the sheer beauty – but no phone to take the picture!

Then I went to Aspen to enjoy the classical music at the Music Tent which was so incredible! The Rachmaninoff pianist, Nikolai Lugansky, got three standing ovations! Rites of Spring was exceptional. After a great dinner at Tiki Mana with friends I went to the Jas Cafe at the Nell for some outstanding jazz music by the Shelly Berg Trio with Niki Harris and Billy Valentine – so lucky to live here!

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First Fridays in Carbondale

Every first Friday of the month Carbondale celebrates! Because it is the first Friday! This month they had a great car show – check out the photos below of the De Tomaso Pantera šŸ™‚ Also there were great bands all along the street including at the Beerworks and the Marble Distillery. I bought yet another Harmony Scott piece then danced lots! The moon was stunning at the end of the street…


2019-08-02 21.09.49.jpg



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Music at Heather’s Restaurant

One of the true gems of Basalt – Heather’s has live local music almost every night of the week! And it’s ok to just hang at the bar or outside if you don’t feel up to having dinner there every night even though the food is amazing! My wonderful incredible friend Emily was singing with her band Shady Lane there last night šŸ™‚

2019-07-30 19.37.32



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Thomas Lakes

For my birthday hike this year we went to Thomas Lakes as the snow was still at some higher elevation hikes upvalley. The lakes were so full at Thomas Lakes! Beautiful wildflowers. This is a great hike for us as it is only about 20 minutes drive to the trailhead from Basalt. The drive is an easy one compared with many other trailheads and then the hike to the lakes is about a 1.5 to 2 hour hike each way.


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Avalanche Creek

The snow was so much more than usual this winter so the water is still running super high in our rivers and streams. The bridge across Avalanche Creek was washed away about 2.5 miles into this hike so that is where we had lunch before going back to the car! Some other hikers had said it was possible to cross using a log but that looked decidedly dangerous!!! This hike is a few miles outside of Carbondale on Hwy 133 then a short drive on a dirt road with a small stream to drive through to get to the trailhead.

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July 4th

July 4th is always so fun in Aspen with the parade and just Aspen’s beauty with the whole community out and about. This year there were no fireworks but to make up for it Snowmass Village hosted a very fun band called Here come the Mummies and a great night was had by all!

2019-07-04 19.21.582019-07-04 19.22.39

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Living with wildlife

It is the time of the year when the bears really need to eat a lot of calories in preparation for winter hibernation. Last night my dog alerted us to the presence of a bear nearby… this morning I saw just how close the bear was to our house by the large pile of bear scat left behind!


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First snow in Basalt

Although there has been snow in Aspen we just received our first snowfall of the season in Basalt! It was so beautiful watching the lovely big fluffy snowflakes drifting down against the golden fall leaves to the green grass. IĀ  am posting a picture taken from my house this morning šŸ™‚2017-10-03 07.48.18




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Music in the Park

Basalt is positively vibrant this summer thanks to the work of the Basalt Chamber. The music in the Park lineup is in full swing and just moved from the Triangle Park part of the season to the Lions Park in downtown Basalt. Although it was raining we all enjoyed the amazing performance from Brother’s Keeper this Wednesday. Some people had umbrellas but the trees were also very popular as shelter! The beautiful rainbow was an added bonus.

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Carbondale Mountain Fair

Arguably the defining event of the summer; this year did not disappoint with amazing vendors and incredible music. Here are two photos of the Saturday night fire dancers.

2016-07-30 21.25.082016-07-30 21.25.14

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